About Us

SONU NUTRITIONS is a wholesale shop of renowned Imported & Indian health food supplements, natural diet supplements, ayurvedic fitness supplements and herbal body building supplements based at Delhi, India.

SONU NUTRITIONS is a One-Stop-Shop for body builders, trainers & fitness freaks around India. We are providing natural healthcare formulation & solution.

SONU NUTRITIONS has complete range of fitness food supplements i.e.

Body Muscle Grow (Creatine)
Weight Gainers
Fat Burners / Slimming products
Mass Gainers
Human Growth Hormone Boosters
Protein (Whey, Soy, Amino etc.)
General Health Supplements
And many more

about us

SONU NUTRITIONS has been providing fuel, power, stamina, muscle to many individual , with the best health and fitness nutritional supplements to achieve your goals, with most tenured companies in the industry like ultimate , universal ,optimum , B S N , megapro , prolab , dymatize , cyto sports ,max muscle , san , twinlab, weider , Met Rx fitness supplements, muscle tech , A P N , V P X , MHP , nature best ,best body, gasperi, body fuels , matrix etc..

SONU NUTRITIONS is authorized distributor and committed to you deliver genuine products with authorized importer holograms in entire India. When you buy supplements from us, you know exactly what you are getting and that it undoubtedly genuine.
Our knowledgeable staff promises to provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable coming in and asking for training advice and discussing nutritional needs. Supplement City is distributing whey proteins, egg protein, soy protein, creatine, fat burners, weight loss supplements, Amino acids, weight gainer, muscle gainer, glutamine, chromium, nitrix, etc.

Our commitment is provide you full information regarding your proper diet, exercising, routine, bodybuilding & fitness supplements .we will provide you best bodybuilding & fitness supplements at very reasonable rates, for more details you contact us.