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Engineered for endurance and strength athletes alike, Carbo Plus™ fuels your body with pure complex carbohydrates without any added simple sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, fillers, or artificial flavors. Carbo Plus™ can function as an important source of energy for your working muscles during strenuous exercise. By training with Carbo Plus™, you can maximize the replenishment of glycogen in your muscle and liver. This translates into enhanced performance, faster muscle recovery, and higher endurance levels.

  • Optimized Carbohydrate Blend For Endurance
  • Add To Your Favorite Protein Shake For Energy
  • High-Energy, Pure Unflavored Drink Mix

Universal Nutrition Carbo Pro

  • Contains 17 Gram of Carbohydrates per 18 G Serving
  • Has Less Than 1 Gram Added Sugar
  • Optimized 100% complex Carbohydrate Blend for Endurance
  • Add To Your Favorite Protein Shake for Energy
  • Helps in Muscle Building
  • Improves Athletic Performance and Strength

What is Universal Nutrition Carbo Pro?

Universal Nutrition carbo pro is a supreme carbohydrate formula that helps to promote optimal performance & lasting energy. It is engineered for fitness enthusiasts & is easily digested. It fuels your body with fresh carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is a vital energy source that helps proteins from being used and spares muscle tissue breakdown simultaneously. Complex carbohydrates provide consistency to the blood sugar level of your body. This in turn causes the glucose levels in your bloodstream to rise and fall quickly. Supplementation of Carbo Pro along with training that supports enhanced performance, faster muscle recovery and high endurance. This is because it allows optimal replenishment of glycogen in your muscle and liver. Universal Nutrition Carbo Plus helps in boosting energy, protein sparing, higher endurance & glycogen loading.

How to use Universal Nutrition Carbo Pro?

Blend 1 scoop of Carbo Pro into 8-10oz (236 – 295 ml) of beverage of your choice. For best results, consume 1 serving within 2 hours of exercise & use at least twice daily.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure High Performance Complex Carbohydrates [consisting of granulated medium length complex carbohydrates (glucose polymers) extracted from premium grain sources and maltodextrin]. Made in a GMP facility on equipment that processes milk, soy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat.

Disclaimer – Made in a GMP facility on equipment that processes milk, soy, egg, peanuts. tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat.

About Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition is a company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey and operating since 1977. It has proudly watched bodybuilding and sports nutrition grow and flourish from an obscure subculture to a booming industry. It has held to their standards and principles since day one. Setting a standard for consistency, honesty and integrity, Universal Nutrition has built its rock solid reputation for more than a generation. They are undoubtedly dedicated to the very specific needs of the most hardcore iron athletes. They are active not only in the United States, but in over 90 countries around the world.

Universal Nutrition is surely a company with a long and storied heritage. They are delivering high-quality supplements to bodybuilders and strength athletes the world over for more than 30 years. Universal Nutrition prides itself in its commitment to the iron lifestyle. What is on the label is in the bottle. Moreover, what is in the bottle will help you reach your goals.

Authorized dealer/distributor of Universal Nutrition in India : Body Fuel ( bodyfuelindia.com )

Authorized Importer of Universal Nutrition in India

Shri Balaji Overseas:  Shri Balaji Overseas  is one of the top, authorized and licensed importer of health & bodybuilding supplement brands in India. They are a subsidary of Global Impex co., Shri Balaji Overseas is authorized to distribute genuine products of top brands such as  Dymatize, Muscletech, Ultimate Nutrition, Ronnie Coleman, Universal Nutrition , Kaged Muscle, MusclePharm, BPI Sports, RSP Nutrition, Cobra Labs, Now Foods, Gaspari Nutrition, Max Muscle, Inner Armour, Matrix Nutrition & Twinlab.

Manufacturer of Universal Nutrition :  Universal Nutrition, New Brunswick NJ 08901

What are Carbohydrates?

Along with proteins and fats, carbohydrates are among the so-called macro-nutrients that make up a large part of our diet. We need energy every day in order to be and to remain efficient both mentally and physically. Since athletes are more active than other people, they understandably need more carbohydrates to meet their additional energy requirements. Even during sleep we need energy to maintain vital processes such as breathing, heartbeat and metabolism, to carry out repair processes and to promote regeneration. Those who take in too few carbohydrates usually feel sluggish, lacking strength and energy.

Although carbohydrates provide a fraction of the calories in comparison to fat, they are of great importance for meeting energy needs because they reach the respective cells relatively quickly via the blood.

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