Scitron Volcano Pre Workout 60 Servings
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Scitron Volcano Pre Workout 60 Servings


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Availability: 30 in stock

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Product Description


Scitron VOLCANO Pre-Workout contains ingredients in accordance with their functions in the Pre-Workout formula. Addition of Citrulline Malate & L-Arginine, an amino acid & are precursors of nitric oxide, responsible for vasodilation. The combination of these ingredients provide an effective pump during your workout. It also contains an effective intake of 300 mg Caffeine in each serving to provide energy required for your workout. Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng, delivers it benefits for stress & testosterone health.

Why Scitron Volcano Pre-Workout?

  • Pump, Energy, Focus
    A healthy pre-workout with high energy, pump, and focus. It’s better for males and females who are looking to increase energy, workout focus, intensity, muscle pumps, build muscle and improve strength.


  • Better Absorption
    Volcano Pre-Workout also enhances your body’s nutrient absorption capabilities, meaning that you can store many more essential nutrients within your muscles. It reduces protein breakdown in the body, helps in increasing muscle mass, and improves concentration and focus.


  • Less fatigue and overall better performance
    For athletes, citrulline malate offers the potential for greater work capacity, less fatigue, and better overall performance. For bodybuilders, citrulline malate offers increased vascularity and β€œsick” muscle pumps.


  • Improves focus in intense workout
    Every gymgoer needs to focus on an intense workout. Luckily, Scitron Volcano Pre-Workout improves your focus significantly. It helps with focus by delivering brain-boosting ingredients such as caffeine, tyrosine, and acetyl. Whenever you consume it, you focus more on your workout to push yourself more to put in an extra rep or two.


  • Premium Ingredients
    It contains ingredients in accordance with their functions in the Pre-workout formula. We have added a proper serving according to the RDA of each ingredient, so it allows you to have the best workout you have experienced in the gym. No ingredient is above the RDA.


  • Lowers blood pressure
    Nitric oxide supplements try to increase the amount of nitric oxide in your blood, which might help increase blood flow to working muscles and help reduce fatigue time during a workout.


  • Boosts muscle gains
    The primary benefit of consuming pre-workout is that you experience enormous muscle gain. It is better for males and females looking to increase energy, muscle pumps, strength, and intensity.


  • Promotes endurance and conditioning
    Being a precursor to nitric oxide, L-arginine promotes endurance and conditioning. When nitric oxide is released, it expands the blood vessels by relaxing the muscles of their walls. The result is lowered blood pressure and increased blood flow to the muscles during your workout.


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